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#Repost from Clozetter @mgirl83. Some tips and advise if you want to come here (to @alaspacet ) for a quick healing 😀 :
1. Use the maps on their IG bio, it's the accurate one. Don't use the one at Google, it'll only get you nowhere.
2. Wear dreamy clothes, with some presets and editing power you'd get a dreamy, fantasy world type of photos.
3. Bring mosquito repellent, they would come at around 4.30 so if you stay any latter than that, quickly apply the repellent so the mosquitos won't feast on you. I'm currently still paying for not using any 🥲.
4. Wear comfortable shoes, the tree house and roughly paved zig zagging path is not exactly safe for heels or uncomfortable shoes.
5. Enjoy the surrounding! I did some digging and apparently the cafe's tied to an outbond, camp, hiking type of community. Even if you are a city dweller like me whose closest experience to camping is glamping, you can still enjoy the area too!

Would you like to come here too?

#SbyBeautyBlogger #BeauteFemmeCommunity
#ootd #ootdid #clozetteid #sbybeautyblogger #notasize0 #personalstyle #effyourbeautystandards #celebrateyourself #mybodymyrules #alaspacet #cafealaspacet
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