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이번 설날에 알테아 메이크업 브랜드에서 선물 받았어요❤️❤️ 메이크업 제품 하나하나 너무 마음에 들었던 특히 아이쉐도우 팔레트랑 글리터가 짱짱😍 이 모든 메이크업으로 이번에 발렌타인 데이 메이크업을 해봤으니 제 유튜브를 확인해주세용❤️
#해피발렌타인데이 #땡큐알테아 #흥해라알테아
Good morning sunshine ☀️
Do you know what i got for Lunar New Year gift from @altheakorea ?
I was soooo surprised all the items are awesome💋 move to next slides you guys can check swatch and More details review? Get in to my YouTube channel I explained all the details on the video and also check my Valentine’s day makeup 💄

This project i got it from @clozetteid x @altheakorea

Thank you for awesome products
And Thank you for watching my YouTube video 😘
#Clozetteid #makeup #Clozetteidreview #AltheaxClozetteIDReview #AltheaKorea
Categories : makeup
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