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#SaturdayThing: 4 Cult Favorites that Failed Me!

These babies are holy grails for many person, but they just don't work on me - instead of making my skin worse. Totally don't live up to the hypes, names, and claims!
• ● MUJI Sensitive Cleansing Oil: Oh, how do I want to love you so much. Plus point is, it emulsifies so well and leaves no gritty oily feeling. And it's 100% mineral oil free! The thing with this cleansing oil is, it breaks me out so bad and can't remove waterproof eye&lip makeup.
• ● Himalaya Neem Facial Wash: free from SLS & SLES you said? Yes it is, but here is the ALS as a great substitute. Sulfates are sulfates.
• ● Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water: there's something about cleansing water that my skin hates so bad, or is it just the product itself? Seriously it brings me HORRIBLE tiny bumps and redness. Meh.
• ● Garnier Sakura White Foam: "Suitable for sensitive skin" but hey, I smell so strongly artificial and thanks to the fragrance for that. (even though it's listed the least on the ingredients list.)
And yes, congratulations for the breakout!

Feel free to share your thoughts about these products down below. I wanna love them so bad but well...guess the Universe and the products are just not on my side (again) this time.

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