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Hayooo... siapa yang udah [email protected] Salah satu tempat yang lagi hits di BaliTop by Pomelo Kamu bisa dapetin tambahan discount 22% plus cashback 10% kalau kamu belanja pake kode aku yaitu..."ZLRSILVIA" #zaloraid #ootdstyle #ootdindokece #clozetteid #ootdindonesia #stylefashion #styleinspiration
Categories : travel
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Clozette Ambassador @windana paired her casual look with white boots and a statement foldable bag. Simak Fashion Update ala clozetters lainnya hari ini di Fashion Community. Yuk, share outfit favorit kamu bersama Clozette.
Categories : casual
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Are you ready for a productive Monday? First, put on your best outfit, so the productive mood will follow! Image shared by Clozette Ambassador @cyndiadissa. Simak inspirasi gaya Hijab dari para Clozetters hari ini di Hijab Community. Yuk, share juga gaya hijab andalan kamu.
Categories : work
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The year of 2021 is FINALLY HERE! Let's start the year right by doing your most interesting activity, and that is shopping! Get all you fashion fun outfits at The F Thing, and don't miss the abundant discount on their website. Let's glow-up together with The F Thing! Lihat info lengkapnya pada bagian Premium Section aplikasi Clozette. Bagi yang belum memiliki Clozette App, kamu bisa download di sini https://go.onelink.me/app/clozetteupdates. Jangan lewatkan info seputar acara dan promo dari brand/store lainnya di Updates section.
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