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Fashion & Beauty Enthusiast. They're just like a shining armour, but it doesn't make the knights any less.

PANTONE Color of The Year 2015: Marsala
11 items
Designer Wanderer
1 item
How Do I Look?
24 items
Paint it with Make Up
7 items
Recent Damages
3 items
My Beauty Stash
6 items
Bag Hag
4 items
Ruby and Glass Slippers
9 items
Skincare Arsenal
4 items
My Never Ending Wish List
11 items
One day in The Future
25 items
The Bloggers Way
2 items
Celebrity Crush
7 items
Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Oxblood, baby!
10 items
A little trick up in the sleeves
13 items
197 items


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