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#Repost from Clozette Ambassador @wennykyuuto. Another moisturizer from @hicharis_official that’s approved by my sensitive and acne prone skin: @chiyouskin Cicaria Dual Barrier Cream 🥰
I’ve been having sensitive and acne prone skin since around 6 yrs ago, I believe it happened because my skin barrier has been compromised. If you have read my previous review, it’s been so difficult for me to find moisturizer that doesn’t break me out 😭
But hearing that this #Chiyou Cicaria Dual Barrier Cream which has microbiome technology and protect the skin from the inside (with ceramide) and the outside (with cica). I am definitely sold!
This soft cream feels light in texture and didn’t leave any greasy film.
It has no sensitizing ingredients and me likey!
Been trying it almost for 2 weeks and my first impression thoughts for this product are..
+ My skin condition is improved (swipe ➡️ to see), it looks more healthy and plumpy
+ No signs of irritation or breakouts so far, but need more time to see (will update in igs if there’s any reaction)
+ Light in texture
+ No irritating ingredients
+ Increase my skin moisture level by 4% (swipe to see)
+ Travel friendly packaging
- a bit small comparing to the price
Good news! If you have sensitive skin and wanna try this moisturizer, you can get 113k off by buying through this link: http://hicharis.net/wennykyuuto/1Oau (can also be clicked on my bio), you’re welcome 😘

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