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What's this? The cute mini bottle from @beaudiani @beaudiani_global 😍

Neroli (dry skin type)
Damask Rose (oily skin type)
How much do you need to face mist? for me, every day I definitely use face mist because I need extra hydration, instant freshness, and so it's not easy to sleepy😁

What are the advantages of face mist Beaudiani? first of all I was quite impressed with the ingredients because for me this content was quite unique and I just met this product 😍

It uses citrus aurantium dulcis flower oil helps for dry skin and a base of carrot seed oil which helps to make skin healthy. Its full moist and continuous moisturizing makes tired skin moist and healthy. Also, delicate citrus aurantium dulcis flow er oil (neroli oil) fragrance helps to uplift the mood. Is perfect for me who is moody 😆

Which of these two variants am I using? I use both! because in today's weather, my skin is easily dehydrated and the first aid is to use face mist. And also when going to reapply and after reapply sunscreen I usually use face mist for extra freshness and to boost my mood 🎀

I want to know how you use face mist, tell me 🥰

대단히 감사합니다 @madforcos ❤️ #beaudiani #beaudianiglobal #madforcos #madcos #frmadcos #facemist #skincare #makeup #beauty #clozette #clozetteid #skincarecommunity #skincareblogger #skincareblog #abskincare #abcomunity #abblogger #kbeauty #kbeautyblogger #kbeautyblog #skincareblogger #beautybloggerindonesia
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Annyeong 촉촉 스킨 hunter 🔎💧 @beaudiani_global @beaudiani MOIST SERUM
If you a newbie of kbeauty, you'll confused with naming emulsion, essence, serum. Let me tell you, in kbeauy, layering skincare is about step by step using skincare from the mildest to the thickest ter texture. This basic principle.

Personally, I used this product on moisturizer slot and give me extra hydration because I used 2 layers. The texture is gel cream easy melt on skin, milky white colour a little bit transparent, hint citrus orange scent, fast absorb and non sticky feeling. I used in AM PM and so light texture.
Contain micro silk moisture capsule technology, soothe the skin and intensive moisture effect. My skin feel so smooth like using pore primer.

The packaging is sturdy, elegand, and cutie with colur combination 😍 and the Ingredients is so interesting
They claim is for all skin type. And I feel comfortable using it even though my skin is breakout and is a good thing. This product will not trigger a breakout 😍

You can buy this product at @frmadcos and get 30% discount if using my code 🛍
And special thankyou for @madforcos
#madforcos #frmadcos #beaudiani #kbeauy #abskincare #abcommunity #abblogger #idskincarecommunity #skincarecommunity #kbeautyblog #kbeautyblogger #kbeautybloggers #skincareblog #skincareblogger #clozette #clozetteid #skincare #makeup #beauty
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Thankyou @laneigeid @clozetteid for having me 💧Get Health and Sparkling Your Beauty 💧✨ Enjoy zumba fun and free skin check. And I got 2 samples of Laneige product yaayy 💧By the way, is my first CFD 😂 so happy 🌈 #refillme2019 #betterwaterwithlaneige #clozette #clozetteid #skincare #makeup #selfie #laneige #laneigeindonesia
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Apaan nih fel? Exfo toner? Cleansing toner? Apa itu?
Kalo kalian tau, sebelumnya aku fanatik sama aha bha pha'nya somebymi, udah abis berbotol botol dan aku suka. Nah lalu akupun kena racun di grup komunitasku hehe. Jangan kalian pikir aku ini hobi ya hanya meracun saja, akupun juga sering banget kena racun 🤣
Jadi di grup itu banyak banget yang suka sama toner ini selain itu toner ini dapet award 2018 @sokoglam dan konon katanya toner ini banyak membantu untuk kulit yang mudah berjerawat
Awalnya aku ga berharap banyak, dan saat pertamakali pakai juga aku merasa biasa saja. Tapi semua itu bikin aku ngeuh disaat aku rutin pakai. Kulit jadi lebih cerah dari sebelumnya, menurutku dia termasuk exfo toner mild ya karena dia lebih lembut dari aha bha. Kenapa aku bilang lembut? Karena biasanya yang baru pertamakali menggunakan aha bha akan merasakan tingling tapi ini sama sekali ga ada efek itu

Toner pH-balancing sehari-hari dengan air akar licorice yang melembapkan,memperbaiki tekstur kulit, menghilangkan sel kulit mati dan kotoran di kulit
Texturnya watery, wanginya seger, berwarna sedikit kecoklatan. Aku suka after taste penggunaan toner ini, aku ngerasa kulitku jadi makin seger dan bersih banget. Kamu bisa lanjut dengan hydraing toner settelah ini jika kamu ngerasa kurang lembab, tapi aku sendiei ngerasa pake toner ini cukup lembab

Apakah aman dipakai sehari hari? Aku sendiri pakai toner ini AM PM dan nyaman di kulit karena toner ini mild banget
Belinya dimana? Belinya di Shopee dong 🛍

Kalo kamu nyari mild exfo toner, aku rekomen kamu cobain toner ini 😆
#toner #exfolianttoner #acwell #kbeauty #clozette #clozetteid #beauty #skincare #makeup #kbeauty #skincare #kskincare #idskincarecommunity #abskincare #abcommunity #skincareblog #skincareblogger #kbeautyblogger #skincarecommunity
Categories : makeup, skincare
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MAMONDE ROSE WATER TONER 🌹 @mamondekorea @mamondeindonesia
Butuh rekomendasi hydrating toner ? Kalo kalo lagi nyari rekomendasi, aku bisa rekomen toner ini. Baca dulu sampai selesai ya 😘

Jujur, awal kenal Brand ini adalah dari nonton drama korea yang diperanin sama @ssinz7 yang judulnya Pinocchio. Di dalam deama itu terlihat Park Shin Hye menggunakan kosmetik Mamonde. Karena aku emang ngefans sama para pemainnya yang mana ada oppa @jongsuk0206 😍 pastilah aku tonton dengan sepenuh hati 😆❤️ Awalnya emang se impulsif itu aku langsung beli dan pesen sama temenku yang lagi di korea sana, pesenlah aku banyak produk Mamonde salah satunya Toner ini. Aku pakai toner ini menggunakan kapas setelah cleansing dan biasanya di kapas akan terlihat kalo setelah cleansing pun, kulit kita belum tentu bersih. Setelah penggunakan menggunakan kapas, aku akan pakai lagi tanpa kapas dan aku langsung tap tap di wajah (paling suka sesi tap tap wajah😆) Toner ini texturnya watery, wanginya bunga mawar banget, seger setelah dipakai dan selai sebagai toner, aku biasanya suka pakai buat kompres di wajah, kulitku sensitif mudah kemerahan dan pertolongan pertama biasanya aku akan kompres wajahku menggunakan kapas. Tips buat kompres: basahi kapas dengan toner, masukan zipperlock,masukan dalam kulkas sekitar 20 menit, lalu dipakai di wajah dalam keadaan dingin duh ini part paling aku suka disaat kulitku kemerahan, saat kulitku stress dan dehidrasi
Ga cuman aku yang suka toner ini, suamiku juga suka banget pakai toner ini dan malah dia fanatik banget gamau ganti2 toner, dia cuman mau Mamonde Rose Water Toner 😆😝 Berawal dari impulsif karena liat di drakor, berujung ke my fav product since 2014 🥰 dan selalu ada di skincare stockku 😆

Cung siapa yang gampang banget keracun skincare dari drakor? 🙋🏻‍♀️ sama dong kaya aku 😝

#toner #kbeauty #mamonde #mamondeindonesia #skincareblog #idskincarecommunity #abskincare #abcommunity #skincarecommunity #clozette #clozetteid #makeup #selfie #beauty
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Honestly, this is the first sunstick I have. For people who are used to using sunscreen type lotion, the stick type sunscreen is interesting to my heart 😍

Comes with a combination of white and blue color packaging, stick packaging that is innovative, easy to hold, must always be in the makeup pouch. How to use the product? by turning the bottom, then the product will stand up. The texture : Transparent yellow, odorless, non-sticky and very easy to apply. Have SPF 50 PA ++++ is a perfect sun stick ❤️ I always carry it and it's always on my makeup pouch, when I have to reapply this sunscreen product is very easy to use. This is how I use a sunstick, I apply the product on the right and left cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose. I rub as much as 4x then I flatten and mix evenly on the face can use fingers or I use a cushion puff. So Easy !
If you think this sunstick will feel sticky and oily, it's not at all! This sunstick is comfortable to wear, non-sticky and oily. Acne prone sensitive combination skin like me, love this product❤️ I recommend this sunstick because it's comfortable and I love it

Who is curious about sunstick? You have to read my review and try the product then you will thank me 🦋
#sunstick #piehls_plaste #piehlsplasteaquasunstick #skincare #makeup #clozette #clozetteid #kokoamore_reviewprogram #abskincare #abcommunity #idskincarecommunity #skincarecommunity #kbeauty #skincareblog #skincareblogger #bloggerskincare
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@innolab.co.kr @innolab21 @innolab_skincare @charis_celeb @hicharis_official
Honestly, this is the most expensive aloe vera product that I have💶 And the best aloe vera soothing gel in my opinion. Unlike other products, this feels very expensive and exclusive in my opinion. You all know that I really like aloe vera soothing gel, because there are many benefits and I am suitable to use this

Made in Los Angeles California USA with USDA certified organic aloe vera gel. Give your skin Moisturizes, Calm, Replenishes, Regenerates skin. Moisture dry skin, reduce itch and reform acne prone skin. Replenishes inner and outer skin, allowing moisturize to last longer

The texture is gel and melt on skin without sticky feeling. Is no scent, cooling sensation, and fast absorb

On my skincare diet, if my skin need more soothingand irritating, I use this for 2 layers and instantly soothe my skin 💧usually, after using claymask, I use this for give more hydration after pore treatment
And the Ingredients is so interesting to my heart, not only aloe vera, but there are greentea, spirulina, seaweed, oat leaf, cucumber, grape, grapefruit extract, and allantoin. All of these contents make this product superior to similar products 👍🏻 You can get this product on my Charis Shop , click Link at My Bio Profile 🛒🛍 #charis #hicharis #innolabskincare #aloesoothinggel #makeup #skincare #idskincarecommunity #abskincare #abcommunity #skincarecommunity #clozette #clozetteid #acneprone #soothinggel #skincarebloggers #kbeauty #kbeautyblogger #kbeautyblogger #beautybloggerindonesia #skincareblog
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With a color combination of pink and white, sunscreen with cushion packaging. My first time I had a sunblock in a cushion package

This sunscreen is a physical type. Physical sunscreens are naturally broad-spectrum, protecting against both UVA and UVB rays. Physical sunscreen ingredients are titanium dioxide. Like in general, this type of sunscreen does have a white cast when used, but what I feel is the white cast on my skin even gives the effect of tone up and evenly tone my skin. and after being watched, the warrants mingled with the color of my skin and the natural glowing effect that I liked ❤️ In terms of packaging I really like and the puff is super pretty with a tear drop model that is very easy to use to reach the shrinking angles of the face.

I like the semi matte finish and natural glowing, the tone up effect is suitable for my skin, practical use, fresh soft scent. But I think it seems less suitable for those who have dark skin color. Super recommend for light skin colour. And because it's a sunscreen cushion, there's no tinted coverage. and super perfect for daily use.
This product is dermatologist tested, all safeEWG grade, 20 non added formula for triggering sensitive skin, hypoallergenic ingredients. Can be used by all skin types and even baby skin 🌸

You can get this cute sunscreen cushion on my Charis Shop , click link in my Bio Profile 🛒🛍 #charis #hicharis #labno #labnosuncushionsaveaqua #sunscreen #sunscreencushion #kbeauty #abcommunity #abskincare #skincare #makeup #clozette #clozetteid #idskincarecommunity #kokoamore_reviewprogram #skincarecommunity
Categories : makeup, skincare
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4 in 1 exellence ~ Clarifying, Lifting, Relaxing, Moisturizing
Refreshing cream type mask pasck contains Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Madecassoside, and Matricaria Leaf Extract witch gives an outstanding relaxation, moisturizayion, conditioning and vitaly to your externally stimulated skin
I have used M + cream and I really like it, sheetmask M + is also my weapon which I always provide at home to treat my hormonal acne

The essence in this sheetmask is very much 28 ml and I will use the rest of the essence for me to use as a serum and moisturizer, if you have a compress sheet mask, you can use it

what I feel ? of course we all know that using sheetmask is me time and I feel relaxed, the aroma is soft, I feel my stressed skin is much calmer, redness on my skin is reduced, and acne are much calmer

after 20 minutes, the skin will feel moist and the essence is still on the face, I will tap and I lock it with M + cream. and will be absorbed both my skin becomes more supple and of course the inflamed will be far more calm

M+ Madecassoside Cica uses pure ingredients only ☘️
People with sensitive and sensitized skin & acne prone skin is super recommend using M+ Madecassoside Cica Mask and Cream ☘️ You can buy this sheetmask at my Charis shop, click the link at my Bio Profile 🛒

#acne #aging #pores #makeupdisturbance #trouble #irritation #scars #charis #hicharis #hicharis_official #clozette #clozetteid #beauty #skincare #makeup #idskincarecommunity #kokoamore_reviewprogram #abcommunity #abskincare
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